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A Non-Technical Summary provides a summary of the EIA process undertaken for the project.

The Environmental Statement will accompany the application for development consent and will, where relevant and practicable, take into account the comments received during consultation with the community, statutory consultation bodies and other interested parties. 

Details of the consultation undertaken during the preparation of the application will be set out in a separate Consultation Report. The Consultation Report will be submitted alongside the Environmental Statement at the time of application.

To enable stakeholders and the public to access these documents links will be provided, just click the button below.


This digital document presents an example of what your Non-Technical Summary of the Environmental Statement (ES) could look like for your planning proposal or project. 

To start we create a contents page, allowing readers to navigate through the content...



The Project

Chapter 1 outlines the site location, its surrounding area and a project description.


Need and Alternatives

Depending on the size of your NTS you may have an additional chapter on the consenting process but typically Needs and Alternatives are next. 


Consultation, Scope of Assessment and Methodology

Chapter 3 looks into the need of this Project and considers three alternative scenarios.


Summary of Environmental Effects

Chapter 4 is a summary of effects, discussed in detail in the ES.


Further Information

This section has more information on the ES and how to get in contact with our team.



The references allow you to explore all of the information reviewed for the production of the NTS.


We are here to make it easy for our clients. Providing better insights in an accessible, engaging and more cost-effective way.

Chris LeCointe

Director of Environmental Planning

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Technical Director

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Catherine Rouse

Senior GIS Consultant

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