Noise and Vibration of the PEIR assesses the impact of the Project on the following types of noise:

  • air noise
  • ground noise
  • road traffic noise

Assessment Methodology

Baseline noise level measurements were conducted at a number of locations relevant to the Project. Measurements were conducted continuously over a two week period...

Current Baseline Environment

For ground noise, the current baseline noise levels have been assessed at the nearest noise sensitive receptors.

For air noise, day and night noise monitoring has been undertaken for populations within defined noise contours.

Mitigation Measures

Construction would be undertaken in accordance with the Code of Construction Practice which will require contractors to adopt and implement appropriate management measures. These measures will be developed based on those identified during the EIA process...

Potential Significant Effects

Vibration is unlikely to give rise to significant effects; however, vibration effects will be assessed and reported in the Environmental Statement.


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